My Favorite Group of 2009

One of my favorite iTunes features is the play count column. Occasionally I’ll sort my playlists using this column to see which songs I’ve listened to the most.

Looking over the last year, the top of my most played list is dominated by Ivy who I found through Last.FM this year.


The first song I heard, "Edge of the Ocean”, is my favorite. It’s both mellow and upbeat, and it puts me in a good mood when I’m down. It’s such a simple song with simple lyrics. I’m surprised I’ve not tired of it.

I love the soothing voice of lead singer, Dominique Durand.

There’s a place I dream about
Where the sun never goes out
And the sky is deep and blue
Won’t you take me there with you


One other song I enjoy is “Ocean City Girl”. Same smooth vocals, but a bit more reflective.

The night is falling; the streetlights start to glow
No one’s there when the cracks begin to show
They can’t hurt her like she’s been hurt before
No one here can get near her anymore


Give them a listen and see what you think. What is your favorite group or musician you discovered this year?