Fourteen Stairs

Fourteen stairs separate the two floors in our home. That doesn’t seem like many. I can jump down them touching only two steps if I grab hold of the rails to maintain my balance.

Kai is another story. His legs are small and his balance not fully developed. He touches every stair a few times. Sometimes he slides down on his butt, although not intentionally. That route results in many tears.

I don’t mind if it takes him a little longer than the rest of us.

Unless I’m in a hurry. During those times I’ll grab Kai around the waist and carry him down the stairs. He doesn’t like this, and he’ll squirm until I place him back on the ground.


I ran an errand tonight and decided to take Kai with me. As I was about to grab him by the waist, he extended his hand towards me. He doesn’t do this very often. When I try to take his hand while walking through a parking lot or down the hall at church, he tries to dart in the opposite direction.

But tonight I looked at Kai and held out my hand. His five small fingers wrapped around my index finger. He held tight as we stepped down all fourteen stairs together.

I’m sure it took a little longer this way.

But I didn’t notice.

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