Guns & Ammo

I admire people who perform jobs I can’t imagine doing for any amount of money.  pizza

Like the guy I saw this week wearing a pepperoni pizza suit. There he stood on the curb outside of Papa Murphy’s waving to each passing car with a smile glued to his face. In between the waves, he was dancing and grooving like only a slice of pizza can.

Then yesterday I saw a man holding a large red arrow shaped sign over his head as he stood just off a busy street in Bellevue. He too was dancing and doing whatever it took to gain the attention of the passing drivers. I assumed his sign was pointing to a new cluster of condos or maybe a new restaurant.

Not even close.

As I neared, I could see his sign said “Guns & Ammo” in large white letters. This brought up a few questions I’ve been unable to answer. Maybe you can help.

  1. Are guns & ammo now considered impulse buys like Tic Tacs?
  2. Who is the target market? Guys on their way to rob a bank?
  3. Was the owner of the guns and ammo shop inspired by the dancing pizza?
  4. Is it wise or foolish to wave to the guy carrying a guns and ammo sign?
  5. Would sales of guns and ammo increase if the guy was dressed like a bullet?

One thought on “Guns & Ammo

  1. This is the first funny thing to come my way today! Thanks for the laugh! I won't attempt to answer the five questions, but they are intriguing.


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