Morning Person

Raindrops skipped across the window of the bus as I stared out. Each pothole the bus encountered scattered each droplet allowing me to see a little further. Until they begin to come back. Usually about a dozen at a time.

Normally, I enter through the front door of the bus each morning with my white headphones hanging from my ears. This allows me to block out morning people who are ready to share their cheer with me. I’m not ready for cheer before 9 am. I just want to be left alone in my own world.

But today I left my iPhone in my bag.

I decided to sit near the back of the bus and take in the scenery hoping nobody would sit next to me. With the rain comes a blanket of peacefulness. Maybe it’s the steam rising from the streets. I noticed many elderly couples walking hand in hand. Rain doesn’t slow us down here in Seattle no matter our age.

I noticed characteristics of the area I don’t normally see when I drive myself to work. Like the woman preparing her used bookstore for the day by dusting the blinds. Or the barber putting out a sidewalk sign. The city is just beginning to awaken as the bus traverses through a number of small towns on the way to the Microsoft campus.

55 minutes later the bus comes to a stop and I jump off. A half mile away is my office. I could take a shuttle, but that’s boring. What should take me five minutes takes double that on account of the four stubborn traffic lights that favor cars over pedestrians.

But I’m not in a hurry. The rain has packed up and taken residence over another town, and I’m enjoying the cool air on my face.

I hope this doesn’t mean I’m becoming a morning person.

One thought on “Morning Person

  1. I would love to become a morning person! It sounds like a nice experience leaving your earphones off and soaking in the “atmosphere”. I love feeling the vibes of people from all walks of life, I'm a die hard people watcher


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