Pinball or Pool

There was a time when my most important decision of the day was whether I’d play pinball or pool after class. I made very little money and spent even less. Every important decision was somewhere out there in the future. I had plenty to time to figure things out.

I don’t know when the future become the present. But if I had to guess, it was probably around the time kids arrived.

Telling friends and family that a baby is on the way is like asking them to give you advice for the rest of your life. Make sure to pack a thick three ring binder because you’ll want to take notes.

Don’t forget the house! In fact, start with the house. Get the biggest purchase of your life out of the way and everything else will feel like a bargain in comparison.

Eventually you accumulate so much stuff that you can’t keep it in your house. So there it sits in the garage all boxed up and ready for the next move where it will sit in an even fancier garage.

Of course, you’re going to need a job in order to finance all this stuff. So you pimp yourself out to the highest bidder.  Play hardball like Scott Boras and negotiate the highest salary possible. Forget the stock options and other golden handcuffs. That’s a fools game. Take the money and run.

Get used to the running. Running errands. Running kids to the doctor and soccer practice. Running to the bus and runny noses. Doesn’t matter where just run like hell.

At some point life got complicated. Even the seemingly small decisions had big repercussions and each one triggered five more. Work became more about the health insurance than the…work. Church callings began feeling like church jobs. And the kids learned to work the Tivo.

It all happened so fast I can barely remember the days of pinball or pool.

And then my son asked for help with his report on alligators. And my daughter put her head on my lap so I could hold an ice pack to her aching head.

Having them close recalibrates my perspective.

Is it all worth it?

I guess we’ll see.

2 thoughts on “Pinball or Pool

  1. Before you know it these days of little kids is going to be a blur too. We were talking about how fast the weeks go by now we are retired. Today I asked Lynn if it was Tuesday or Wednesday. It's actually Thursday. It seems like Sundays come around again before we even need to buy more milk. It's cliche but true that we should take time to smell the roses … or the little shoes or whatever it is that brings us passionate joy … because the ole time train is clickety clacking on down the tracks. I would love to spend a day with my little kids again.


  2. I'm sure you're right. And you've had time to reflect back on those times. I'll do the same. I have been thinking how much our life has changed since Kai arrived. I'll be glad when the diapers disappear, but I'll miss having a toddler around the house and the joy they bring. I'm finding that the bulk of the joy I experience happens within the family; not work or hobbies or Facebook.


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