Stop Watch

I bought a pack of gum from the vending machine at work yesterday. As I reached my hand through the small trap door, I was careful not to scratch my watch.

Then I realized I wasn’t wearing a watch. And I haven’t worn one for about three years.


I began wearing a Swatch watch my girlfriend in high school game me. I’d never worn a watch each day until then.

They were only thirty bucks, but Nordstrom sold them alongside the more expensive brands. They became a fashion accessory nearly everyone could afford. Some kids wore several on each arm.

I was so taken by the trend that I purchased multiple “Swatch Guards” to keep my $30 watch safe from the dangers lurking around every corner of my school.

Over the years I’ve purchased better quality watches. But I never enjoyed replacing the splintered bands or scratched crystals. I probably would have been better off buying a new Swatch each year.

Look around today and you’ll notice that few people the age of 25 wear a watch. I have no need for one now that I carry my iPhone everywhere I go.

I wouldn’t mind owning a spiffy Tag Heuer model someday.

But only if I could find a Tag “guard” to protect it.

Photo by Gestalteando

4 thoughts on “Stop Watch

  1. Fun post Brett.My oldest brother was stationed in Germany when I was in Jr High. While there he accumulated quite a collection of Swatches. After he came back he gave four of us siblings each one. I got his favorite, "his date Swatch," It had a brushed silver face with silver rectangles to mark the hours, silver hands and a thin pink second hand. The clear with black stripes plastic band is now yellowed and brittle but I still have that watch. It's a special little treasure from my big brother.


  2. I wish I'd held onto a few of them too. That's so funny about your brother's date Swatch. Makes me laugh to think of the dances and church meetings I attended while matching a dark conservative suit with a rainbow or neon colored Swatch. Good times.


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