The Bike Repair

I see traits I share with each of our four children, but especially Luca. The older she gets the more these traits surface. I tell myself that most are good, and only a few (picky eater, moody) will provide challenges.

Luca is reading the Harry Potter series. She made it through the first three books in less than two weeks. In that way, she’s like her mother. I enjoy reading, but am not able to read that rapidly. Both Luca and her mom read five book to my one.

I came home from work a few hours early today. After saying hello to the kids and the dog, I had to get back on email. As I was getting situated at my computer, Luca pulled a chair next to me. As I was about to tell her I needed a few minutes to myself, she told me that she wasn’t there to bother me.


All she wanted to do was sit next to me and read. And that’s what she did for the next 30 minutes while I worked through email.

When I was young I enjoyed watching my dad repair stuff around the house. I’d follow him around the yard from one task to the next. I probably got in his way more than a few times. But I never remember him shooing me away.

I remember one morning I ran outside to find my dad repairing a bike under the carport. He was working on the chain, and he had grease all over his hands, arms and face. I sat on the porch watching my father become ever more frustrated. The bike was not cooperating.

Of course, I had a few questions that quickly turned to suggestions. But my father was patient. He spoke to me in a calm tone while tinkering with the bike. Occasionally he sent me to the storage room where his tools were kept.

To this day, I don’t remember whose bike he was repairing. In fact, I’m not sure he was ever able to repair it. But I enjoyed the time I spent with my father. Seldom were my sisters around. It was just me and my dad.

There are times when I want to keep everyone, especially our children, away from an area while I work. Too often I ask Kim to take them to another part of the house so I can concentrate on the task at hand.

The next time I feel that way, I’m going to remember my father and the bike.

And if I end up with a little grease on my face, I bet my kids will overlook it.
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