Letter From Home

At first all I could see were arms waving. As I got closer I recognized the police uniform. The first thought that rushed through my mind was, “I wonder how fast I was going?”

I couldn’t tell if I was supposed to pull over, so I slowed down until he began pointing towards a side street. I didn’t have time to flip on my right blinker, but I made a slow right turn, drove 20 yard before pulling over to the right side of the street.

But where was the other officer? Don’t they work in pairs? I checked my rearview mirror assuming the officer who motioned for me to turn would be coming up from behind me. But he wasn’t. Soon other cars were passing me on the left and proceeding down the street.

No ticket. Just a detour. One that would turn my 60 minute commute home into twice that. And this was the only thing that turned in my favor this week.

As much as I enjoy playing basketball and racquetball, my body pays the price for the rest of the week. I feel great during the games, but I find it difficult to sleep through the aches on pains. The injuries would hardly be worth mentioning if I were in my 20’s. But seemingly insignificant muscle strains have a way of lingering once I hit 40.

Ever felt your life was out of sync? That’s how I’ve felt this week, and the injuries to my hand and foot seem to flair up when I’m trying to fall asleep. During these times I tend to seek out my headphones and music to take my mind off my ailments.

But tonight Kim was playing the piano and the kids had gathered around to listen. Luca asked me to rub her feet which I do while she reads a book. It’s not long before Lincoln and Anna join us in various positions on our small,  uncomfortable couch. Lincoln proudly tells us he’s memorized our home telephone number, and proceeds to recite five numbers that appear to be chosen at random.

We listen to Kim practice a few more song until she pulls out a song I’ve not heard her play for many months: Pat Metheny’s Letter From Home. It’s a mixture of melancholy and beauty and could not be a more appropriate song for how I feel. The song is short yet each note is played with reverence.

I’ve had friends lift my spirit before. And certainly our children have provided laugher or just the perfect amount of goofiness to lighten the mood.

Tonight Kim did it with music.