Windows Update Problem

Here’s what my computer screen looked like this weekend. When I’d walk away from my computer for more than a couple of hours, Windows would reboot and attempt to install two critical updates.


I let it run for a few hours. No luck. I left it to install overnight and woke up nine hours later to find it at 12%. I don’t know what 12% of a Windows update gets me, but I wanted my computer back.

And here’s where I shouldn’t worry that computers are getting too easy to use, and I’ll bet out of job in couple of years. When I shut off my computer and tried to get back into Windows, the update would attempt to install before the Windows boot screen would appear. I couldn’t tell it to stop installing either. No cancel button in sight.

My computer was caught in the loop from hell.

I decided to boot into Safe Mode which is always an adventure. Massive fonts and crazy colors and all, I was able to see a screen saying the update had not installed properly. Over the next few minutes the update was reversed and my computer was back to normal after I rebooted again.

Let me say here that I’m a big fan of Windows 7 and its ability to handle problems like this. Although I wasn’t able to install the updates, I was able to get back to my desktop within a few minutes. This is the first problem I’ve had running Windows 7, and I will still recommend it to friends and family.

Here’s a screen showing the updates that refuse to install correctly. Has anyone else had problems installing these?

I told Windows Update to ignore the updates while I wait for Service Pack 1.


4 thoughts on “Windows Update Problem

  1. I use Windows 7 and thank God have not seen your problem. Thanks for posting this however, just in case.


  2. Yes I had this same problem… And after completing the update my computer shows several malfunctions on starting up (when starting up at all). I am now in safe mode typing this 🙂

    I'm going to do a recovery to a point prior to update and see if it solves anything.


  3. Yes, I have a similar issue. My machine is trying to install these updates on every shutdown, although it eventually boots.

    Regarding Windows. 7 I’m done with personal copies of Windows. Part of it can be blamed on Vista, which has permanently eroded my trust. But part of it is also my last Dell purchase…which is this machine. There isn’t a great hardware option right now for Windows machines and if you have a problem with the software, Dell says you are on your own.

    I have wasted so much time on this machine (already) that if the restore suggested above doesn’t work, I’ll probably give the machine to charity and get a Mac Mini as a replacement.


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