Dancing In The Snow-Covered Streets

Huge snowflakes fell from the sky tonight. The much hyped storm hit us later than expected, but it hit with force and blanketed everything in its path. So I wasn’t surprised to see our kids enjoying themselves in the snow as I pulled up to our home just before 9 pm.

Maybe the kids should have been in bed, but I’m glad they weren’t because snow is a rarity in Seattle and watching them toss snowballs and making snow angels reminds me when my parents would allow me do the same when a late evening storm hit Utah.

I was returning from playing racquetball and still wearing shorts. As cold as my legs were I couldn’t take my eyes off the kids. The kids get along for the most part and tonight was no exception until Luca hit Lincoln in the face with a slush ball. I wiped off Lincoln’s glasses with my sweatshirt and sent him back to the battle. That’s when I noticed the smile on Anna Lynn’s face. She stood on a rock in her new coat and gloves and stared at me until I noticed her.

I didn’t think anything of it at first. But something was different. Anna tends to pull back around groups of children. It’s not uncommon to find the other three playing together while Anna stands off to the side doing her own thing. But tonight she was in the middle of the action. She laughed and ran around the yard like I remember her doing as a toddler.

We’ve been looking for an activity Anna would enjoy and feel engaged. Something outside of school that would encourage her natural desire to move around and create.  Something she could feel proud about that was HER activity. If it helped increase her confidence then even better.

After much discussion, we decided to enroll Anna in a ballroom dance class. I didn’t know anything like this existed for small children. But after hearing positive recommendations from friends , we figured it would be the ideal for Anna. So Kim enrolled her in her first ballroom dance class tonight.


Could attending one ballroom dance class have such an immediate effect on her self-esteem? I wondered this out loud as we made our way inside. The kids eventually changed from wet clothing into pajama’s, and that’s when Anna propped her head on my lap while I sat on the couch. That smile was still stretched across her face, and she wasn’t asking me for a late night snack. That’s odd.

“How was your first day at dance class?” I asked.

She giggled and grinned. I could tell she wanted to tell me something. So I waited.

“Someone told me I’m a good dancer. And it was a boy!”

I can’t begin to express how it feels as a father to hear those words from my daughter. I saw a spark in her eye that I haven’t seen in a while. This is exactly what Anna needed after seeing her grandfather off at the airport yesterday through buckets of tears.

I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot more of Anna’s smile.

2 thoughts on “Dancing In The Snow-Covered Streets

  1. I’m excited for Anna! She is a dancer and twirler and I think it’s great you’ve enrolled her in balroom dance lessons. I wonder if they will give her a little leeway because I can’t imagine her not adding an extra twirl or curtsy now and then. It also made me smile to think of a late night snow ball fight. Now that brings back lots of memories!


  2. I think you boiled down one of the key components of successful parenting. Find something your kids can be successful in, to fly when all the world wants to pull them down.
    Nice job. And yes, I am bitter that you have snow and I don’t.


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