iPhone Comparison Chart

One can’t visit a tech blog these days without the obligatory iPhone comparison chart pitting the Verizon iPhone vs. the AT&T iPhone. I decided to create a chart for those who are still on the fence.

I’m one of those AT&T customers who foolishly believed I was purchasing a phone. In reality, I bought ultra-portable computer that plays Angry Birds and fart sounds for about a hundred bucks a month.

I’ve owned an iPhone on the AT&T network for nearly three years and, just this week, I was moments away from completing a phone call in the remote, out-in-the-boonies village called Seattle. After four straight dropped calls, I got tired of speaking to myself and drove to my friend’s home to speak with him face to face. If you’re in the same boat, I suggest creating a personalized voicemail greeting that starts with, “I’m sorry. I’m an AT&T customer and voice calls are not part of my current plan. Please leave me your email and I’ll be in touch as soon as I find a WIFI hotspot”.

For those of you who have yet to select a carrier for your mobile Facebook status updater, consider the the following chart in making your selection.


4 thoughts on “iPhone Comparison Chart

  1. But what is your minutes per month usage vs. data MB per month usage and which network has the better data service? Who really makes phone calls anymore? It’s so personal and demands immediate real-time attention whereas e-mail is more casual, non-obtrusive, and can be read and addressed whenever you want. However, I don’t get phone calls telling me about this cool call tracking system my carrier has and that if I place the same call I just received to 10 friends I’ll get a coupon for free merchandise at Cracker Barrel.


    1. Doug, I use the data services far more than voice calls. Probably 30 to 1 or so. But when I do need to make a call, it’s usually urgent and frustrating when I can’t do so. There’s a massive dead spot in Bellevue where 405 and 90 intersect. That’s absurd in 2011.


  2. My current home base is in Seattle, I’m an iPhone user on the AT&T network for the past 2 yrs, and have minimal dropped calls. I’m personally waiting to see the newer gen iPhones come out and the faster networks (G4 and G5 before I decide if I stick w/AT&T or switch networks).


    1. Kathleen, my biggest problem with AT&T is the coverage at my home in Auburn. I can’t make a call inside my home. If I’m lucky, I can occasionally make one from my deck. I hope that with the iPhone on Verizon it will force AT&T to upgrade their network if enough customers threaten to jump ship.


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