Hanging Our Shingle

This past week, I did something I’ve wanted to do for years: I started a consulting business with a friend. Brandon and I have worked together since 2004 and have collaborated on a number of projects over the years.

When friends and family ask what it is we do, I’m not sure what I should tell them. But, in short, Brandon brings years of design experience to the partnership while I focus on WordPress training and consulting. We’ve combined our skills to help small businesses and individuals create a professional looking web presence minus the three-hour recurring meetings and complex project plans.

We’ve worked on large and complex projects that take months to complete. But projects that size are not our focus.  Instead, we are focused on small projects. Small businesses move quickly. They don’t have large budgets or months to spend creating new branding, logos and blogs. We’ve found that their needs match up well with our skills. So we decided to make it official and create a business.

In that regard, we started Ox Consulting with this in mind, and are tackling projects we can complete in a few days instead of a new months. Without having to sacrifice quality.


We are nowhere near being able to quit our day jobs. Maybe down the road. But today I’m enjoying getting to meet people who are full of passion, energy and big ideas. Large companies have layers of bureaucracy. Making even small changes to a color scheme requires meetings, approvals and delays. Contrast that with working alongside the owner of a small business who likes the new logo we created, and in minutes, says, “Let’s go with it!”

There’s a raw excitement being around those who put everything on the line to chase their dreams. I love sitting across from someone listening to why they decided to drop off the corporate ladder, and try to make it on their own. Many are working more hours than ever before and loving it.

Brandon and I are taking things slow. That means turning down projects that aren’t in our wheel-house or would require we put other projects on hold for months on end.

We’ve also noticed that short timelines result in fewer meetings and status updates and a higher likelihood that both parties will satisfied with the work.

Of course, if your needs aren’t a good match for us, we’ll always try to recommend someone who is.

3 thoughts on “Hanging Our Shingle

  1. Ah man I am so glad to hear this and I really wish you (both) all the success and know that any business that is smart enough to hire you will get an excellent team.



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