The Lone Zip Tie

This is my Comcast cable box.


My neighbor ran over it. I called Comcast the next day to report the damage and schedule a repair.

A week later a van pulled up, and a guy jumped out to take a look. I went outside to speak with him and explain what happened.

“I don’t do replacements. I only do repairs.”

And repair he did. As you can see from the single zip tie.

Not two or three ties when one will clearly do the job. Call it good and move on to the next repair.

Three months have gone by. I smile each time I pull into my driveway and glance over at the leaning tower of Comcast. My internet service still works. So maybe the zip tie is doing it’s job.

I imagine the same person who would render such a repair isn’t someone who is going to call in a replacement box.

It may not be fair, but this sad looking cable box is what I now associate with the word, Comcast.

Update: @ComcastMark left a comment saying he could help initiate repairs.

5 thoughts on “The Lone Zip Tie

  1. I apologize for the improper repair of this pedestal. Will you please contact me and provide the location of this pedestal? I’d like to reach out to my local colleagues to make sure that this is properly repaired .

    Thanks in advance,

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations


    1. Mark, thank you for contacting me. Much appreciated. I will contact you to provide the location of the cable box.


  2. The cruel irony will take place when, within days of the cable box finally getting repaired, your neighbor then backs over the new one.

    Does Comcast employ people who cruise around on blogs and other forums looking for people speaking out on service issues? Because I might be in favor of that. Better if the phone customer service people could arrange to fix the problem, but this is at least better than being completely passive.


    1. You’re probably right. It needs those cement protection poles found around drive-thru lanes.


    2. I know of several companies who reach out to people on Twitter and on blogs. I once wrote about a problem with Land End here and was contacted with days. They took care of the problem immediately. I think it’s a very smart move for companies to monitor this type of communication.


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