Capturing Thoughts

When I purchased an iPad I figured it would encourage me to write more often. That hasn’t been the case in the first couple of months of ownership because, as good as the onscreen keyboard is, it’s still too frustrating to write more than a sentence or two.

If the iPhone’s onscreen keyboard is too small the iPad’s is too large. I make fewer typing mistakes on the iPad, but it comes at the cost of speed. With the iPhone I felt as though my typing speed and accuracy improved the more I used it. That’s not been the case with the iPad where no improvement in either area has been made.

I held off on purchasing a Bluetooth keyboard from Apple because I didn’t want to turn my iPad into a laptop with removable screen.

But I wanted to write more, and that wasn’t happening. So here I am typing out my thoughts on a new Apple Bluetooth keyboard and loving it.

I learned to type in 7th grade, but I didn’t learn to write until I was living in Germany. For the first time, I had to write instead of picking up a phone to share my experiences with my family and friends. More importantly, I learned to share how I felt through writing.

Back then, an idea would hit, and I’d grab a notebook and jot it down. Today, I reach for my keyboard when the same thing happens.

It’s not easy to explain, but my keyboard works at the same speed as my mind. I’m able to capture my thoughts through my fingers, and it all happens at the right pace. I’ve read about experienced writers who began using a typewriter and couldn’t migrate to a computer for the same reason.

I’m not an experienced writer, but I can’t imagine moving away from a keyboard to a more modern technology such as voice recognition to capture my thoughts.

Could it be the most important skill I learned in school was how to type?

6 thoughts on “Capturing Thoughts

  1. Boy, are we on the same page here!

    I’ve had my iPad 2 since shortly after its release — hoping for the same thing as you. I just returned from being away and of course I took it. But I have the same issues as you do.

    I was SO happy to see my MacBook Pro upon my return so that I could get my hands on my beloved keyboard.

    I guess, like you, I’m going to have to breakdown and buy a bluetooth keyboard, else all hopes of my iPad becoming what I’d hoped for will be lost!


    1. I tried a number of keyboards and the Apple Bluetooth felt the best to me, but at $69 it should feel very good. I also found a simple but elegant iPad app called Writings that I really enjoy. I have to copy my work into WordPress but don’t mind it much.


  2. Loved this post. Do you remember the 7th grade typing classroom? We had to take turns between electric and manual typewriters. πŸ™‚

    I, also, am better writing when I type, but I really miss the act of putting pen to paper. Every now and then I journal the old fashioned way just because I feel like it’s becoming a lost art.

    I suspect I’ll be getting the keyboard, also, when I get an iPad. I love the idea of being able to type like 90 on the screen, but I know that won’t happen. πŸ™‚


    1. Nancy, that classroom brings back so many memories. The manuals were such a pain to use I’m not sure why we bothered. But the IBM Selectrics were nifty. Remember how the keys on that depressed with a hard click? Makes me want one today.


  3. Brett, I often thought that my 9th grade typing class was one of the 2 most important classes I had in high school. The other being world history that was taught without a textbook and you had to take notes on the lectures given. I was thinking about buying Millie an IPAD for the very reason you are citing putting thoughts down when she gets them.,


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