I Want My MTV

I’m about halfway through the book, “I Want My MTV: The Uncensored Story of the Music Video Revolution”. It’s been a slow read because I often have to stop and catch my breath from laughter.

I love reading about all the wheeling and dealing that took place between MTV and record executives. Like how MTV convinced the record companies to pay for the videos which gave the nascent network free content to build a business around. Can you imagine a new radio station convincing the artists and record companies to give them free access to their music catalogs? Unreal.

But the best stories include the original DJs and their interactions with the bands of the 80’s. I liked Martha Quinn. She was cute in an awkward way which made her even cuter. None of my friends will admit it, but we all had a crush on Martha.

I wouldn’t recommend this book to my mom, but if you grew up with MTV in the 80’s you’ll probably enjoy it. Here are a few of my favorite quotes so far:

“Rock n’ roll always sounds better in the car” – Bruce Springsteen

“Just get a stage, a crew, a bunch of cameras, a bunch a smoke and a crapload of doves” – Prince, preparing to direct the When Doves Cry video

“It was a whopping, steaming turd just about any way you look at it” – Mick Kleber referring to the Rock Me Tonight video by Billy Squier. Many consider this the worst video ever made.