A Sister’s Reaction

Nine months ago I escorted my daughter to a meeting at the middle school. In a few weeks she’d be starting 5th grade.  But on this night she’d be introduced to a number of instruments and be invited to join either the middle school band or orchestra.

The violin caught her attention. Then the viola. Then another instrument or two until she eventually decided on the cello.

Fast forward to tonight where we joined a gym full of nervous parents who were gathered to watch their children perform in the final concert of the school year. I thought back to the many early morning practices Luca attended while the rest of us were still in bed. Most mornings, it was my job to get her off to the bus stop where we had a few minutes to chat before the bus arrived.

Whether it’s the sounds coming the keys as she plays the piano or the vibration of the strings as she draws her bow over the face of the cello, I’m hearing something that burrows deep into my soul. Sure, I’m a proud father, but I’m mostly in awe of her passion and dedication for music, much like her mother.

So there we sat on the benches waiting for the students to arrive and take their seats on the gym floor in front of us. It was hot and muggy. Our kids, as well most adults, were having a hard time staying seated, and I began to wonder if the concert would outlast the battery on my iPhone.

A few minutes before the concert was to start, the students began filing in gym, instruments in tow. I looked for Luca but didn’t see her. Maybe the cellists come in after everyone else?

Without warning, Anna sprang to her feet and began yelling, “Luca!!! Luca!!! Luca!!!”

As Luca walked across the floor with her cello, Anna kept calling her name until she got closer, looked up and nodded at her sister.

Anna sat down with a big grin on her face that said, “Yep, that’s my sister”.

It’s been a full 24 hours, and I still smile when I think of how excited Anna was to see her big sister last night.

It’s hard to imagine this experience means much to anyone else, but I wanted to capture it. You know, before they hit their teens and can’t stand either other.

3 thoughts on “A Sister’s Reaction

  1. That’s great. My girl screams and hugs her older brother every time we pick him up from school. He’s not so crazy about hugging back, being a more sophisticated 4-year-old. I keep telling him that one day she’ll be his best friend, but he doesn’t believe me.


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