They Don’t Speak As Loudly

I zipped around the curve and up the small hill before heading down the final stretch to home this evening. The sun had gone down and a cool breeze had moved in. Three months ago I would have been out of breath and thinking to myself, “Why am I doing this?”

But tonight was different.

Although my light didn’t shine too far down the road I didn’t really need it.  The dog walkers and kids were safe inside by now allowing me to accelerate down the road without worry. I had worked up an earlier sweat, but the cool air blowing through my shirt and helmet felt so good.

I’m pushing myself physically in ways I haven’t since high school. But body is coming around to the fact that I’m not dinking around this time. The many aches and pains are still there, but they don’t speak as loudly.

I didn’t anticipate how biking would relax my mind. No music, no cell phone or the sounds of kids arguing. Remember the ad for the two-seat Porsche that suggested the more children you have the more practical it becomes?

The same could be said for biking.

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