Counting Down

As the days counted down towards the birth of our first child, more doubts danced their way into my mind.

I had no point of reference.

My preparation consisted of checking off a list of “must haves” from Babys-R-Us down to the color of the Baby Bjorn.

I had just started feeling like a competent husband, but the title of father felt overwhelming.

That was 11 years ago and I still feel overwhelmed.

Yet, I sit here tonight tapping away at my computer waiting for number five to arrive, and I have no idea where the Baby Bjorn is. I’m certain that within a few minutes I can locate my keys, wallet and a suitable car seat if the contractions become more intense.

At this stage of the game my only job is to keep everyone calm.

I didn’t realize how much joy these four balls of energy would bring to our home. And challenge and squirm and test the quality of my hearing.

Two tired but thrilled parents welcomed our first child into this world. This time around the parents are still tired, but the other four are anything but.

I wonder if number five has any what he’s about to experience.

2 thoughts on “Counting Down

  1. It’s an exciting time to bring a new baby into your family …. Whether it is the first or fifth. This little boy will fill his lungs, belt out a good loud noise, and then turn his little head towards your voice and its all over. He will already have you wrapped around his little tiny finger. Give me a call when you need a live in nanny. I am getting stronger every day.


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