Diablo 3

When I want to escape I usually put on headphones and fire up Spotify. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of music for a couple of hours. Or I’ll check out ESPN or a while before switching over to American Pickers. I know, I know.

But lately, I’ve been playing a PC game called Diablo 3 from Blizzard.


I can’t recall the last PC game I got into more than a few days. It might have been Half Life 2 so it’s been a few years.

But Diablo 3 is one polished entertaining game. It tells a story along the way, but I really couldn’t tell you much about it because I skip it whenever I can to get back to the fighting and looting and often, getting my butt kicked.

A while ago I bought Skyrim for the Xbox and played it for a few days, but never got hooked. So I sold it.

Diablo 3 grabbed me right from the start. I’m sure one reason is that I prefer a mouse/keyboard to console controller. I also like that I can drop in for 15-20 minutes and still have fun without feeling I have to dedicate three hours in order to accomplish anything.

I’m hooked.

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