Cleaning the Closet

In preparation for our move to Utah next week, I began packing the clothing I had hanging in my closet in to large trash bags. It is an odd feeling taking pants and shirt off hangers, looking at them, and asking yourself, “What was I thinking when I bought this?”

I filled a box full of shoes. I said good-bye to a pair of Born shoes and several pairs of Birkenstocks that have overstayed their welcome by at least five years. I packed up a handful of silk ties that I seldom wear anymore and a few belts that are a couple of inches too short. 

I pulled three nearly new sweaters off hangers and folded them nicely before realizing that I hate sweaters and can’t imagine wearing them in Utah. Good riddance!

Eventually I had three large garbage bags full of shirts and pants and a large box full of shoes. I could put them on the moving truck next week, and then unpack them in Utah where I’m sure they would remain until we moved again.

Or I could pull out the Ralph Lauren shirts I barely wore and put them on eBay.

In the end I decided to place it in the garage and donate it to charity. I want a fresh start. Today my closet consists of a few shirts and pairs of pants, one belt and four pairs of shoes. Deciding what to wear to work takes no time.

I’m looking forward to organizing more parts of my life and paring back to the essentials. Getting rid of outdated clothing is easier than replacing bad habits with good habits, but that’s what I need to do. Too much clutter results in slower decision making.

I’d better get moving before Kim spots the bags in the garage and tries to sneak stuff back in my closet.

One thought on “Cleaning the Closet

  1. I actually did this recently. I started putting things from my closet into a pile of things I haven’t worn in a long time and have no intention of wearing in the near future. I kept adding to the pile with things that were hanging up and then moved on to things that were in my dresser drawers. Mandy joined in with her clothes too and by the time we were both done, I think we had also filled 3 large black garbage bags to be donated. We will miss your family when you move. I’ll always be thankful for the opportunity you gave me to work with your team for those brief periods of busy convention seasons. We wish you luck and happiness in your new surroundings. Who knows, perhaps one day we’ll move out of state to somewhere more sunny too.


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