Finding Home

“Doesn’t this feel just like Seattle?”

Those were Kim’s words last night as we stood on our front porch and watch the wind whip leaves down our street. For the first times in months, the temperatures dipped into the high 60’s.

And yes, it did feel like Seattle minus the $1000 worth electrical bills we rang up over the past two months. In Seattle, we stayed inside due to rain whereas here we remain in an air-conditioned home due to the heat.

With most the of 100+ degree days behind us for the year, I look forward to getting back into biking. The heat plus the higher elevation (620 vs. 3031 feet) has resulted in a lot fewer rides than I was used to.

Our children are back in school and have transitioned well to their new surroundings. They miss old friends but have made a number of new ones. They love living close to cousins and their grandparents. When I ask them today if they want to move back to Seattle they at least hesitate now instead of making a mad dash to the car.

It takes time, and we knew that going into this. We’ve found it best to talk through their concerns, and help them understand that it may take a while before it starts to feel like home. What we didn’t plan on was that those talks being more beneficial to the adults than the kids.

Seattle still feels like home. And I imagine it will feel like home for a long time.

One thought on “Finding Home

  1. Brett I for one am so pleased that you made the decision to return to Ivins. I know it was probably a time of much tossing the pros and cons around, but I am so thankful you and your family are there near Edna and Lynn!. I truly feel that it is because of your family moving next door to them that Edna has made health strides on the ‘up side’. My deepest wish it that I could be near her and see her more often. Life doesn’t always give us all of our wishes though does it? Anyway, I want you to know that I do appreciate you and the fact that you brought your family back to Utah to be near them. It is an act of kindness and service and generosity. I think you will find it to be ‘home’ soon to all of you. It is said, that home is where the heart is, and I know Edna and Lynn are deeply in your hearts. I send my love to you all. Ann


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