Simplifying Choice

If you won my business because you had the lowest price, I might return but only until someone beats your price.

But I feel no sense of loyalty.

If you won my business by providing an overwhelming number of options or configurations I might return until someone else can reduce the choices down to what I really need.

But I will feel no sense of loyalty.

The only way to guarantee I will return is to provide me with a memorable experience.

That I saved a few bucks will be forgotten by the weekend. But a company that provides me with a fast and simple way to select the product that’s best for me and then stands behind that product will earn my repeat business.

Last month I purchased a car stereo. The salesperson asked a few questions and then, from a wall of dozens, showed me two models that fit my needs. I asked which would work best with my iPhone and she pointed to one of them. I bought that one.

We need more people like this woman. She listened and narrowed my choices down to exactly what I needed.

It seems to me you have two choices: offer an increasing number of products and options or taking a stand as the expert and drastically simpifying the process for your customers.