Bed Frame

Amazon delivered two boxes. After a week spent packing and moving into a new home I wanted nothing to do them because inside were bed frames for Luca and Anna. I didn’t possess the mental capacity to assemble anything with dozens of small parts.

But the girls were excited. So I pushed one box toward their room and began putting pieces together. After a few minutes, Luca joined me. She sat on her mattress and began telling me about school and friends and exactly how much hair she wants trimmed.

It’s not often I get to listen to my daughter tell me about what’s important in her life without a single interruption. She turned 13 a few weeks ago. It doesn’t seem that long since I sat on the floor and watched Harold the Purple Crayon with her, trying to tune out the horrific tragedy of 9/11.

Moments like these are unpredictable and rare. I wonder how many of them I miss because I’m tuned out?

We finished assembling the bed frame. With the mattress in place, my work was done. I kissed Luca on the forehead, and headed up bed, happier than any father has a right to be.

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  1. Brett when a daddy enjoys his children as much as you seem to enjoy yours – he does deserve to go to bed happy!


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