Recently Learned

Over the past month I’ve discovered a few things about myself.

I do my best work under pressure.

The writing I’m most proud of uncovers pain.

Joy begins with being honest with myself.

Faking it hurts me more than anyone else.

Saying something is true doesn’t make it so.

Question everything. Respect everyone.

Be skeptical of those proclaiming one truth.

Few skills in life are as valuable as being able to say “no”.

If you don’t learn to think critically, others will think for you.

True friends don’t put requirements on the relationship.

Facts speak louder than feelings.

Feelings can be easily manipulated.

One thought on “Recently Learned

  1. Whoo! Look at you! This last one makes me want to direct you to the book You Are Not So Smart. It’s SO good. It comes from the blog of the same name. So many biases and heuristics explained in it will jump out at you as being explanations for so many things that have been explained by supernatural means and spiritual feelings. It will feel like revelation.


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