Things To Be Happy About

My posts lately have been a little heavy. Life has been good, but transitions are seldom as simple as planned. But so many good things have happened lately that I wanted to write about that. As I write this, Kim is on the couch with at least three kids getting her butt kicked in Halo. That alone is enough to make me happy. But here are few more reasons.

1. We found a home in Santa Clara that we love.

2. I found a fantastic  and patient editor who has helped me improve my writing. Why didn’t I do this sooner? Even better, I was able to mend a friendship.

3. I reconnected with a friend from college. We spoke on the phone for an hour and it was as if we’d never lost touch.

4. Taran is finally sleeping through the night.

5. My oldest daughter sat next to me on the couch with her head on my shoulder for no reason. I kept expecting her to ask for new shoes, Pho or ice cream but it never came.

6. My mother’s health has improved to the point she can be home for now. My mother-in-law’s health has also gone from poor to good in under a year.

7. I feel as though a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I no longer dread the weekends, and am much happier.

8. I love watching small countries like Costa Rica perform so well in the World Cup. I’m rooting for the US team, but there’s something so exciting about watching a tiny country upset a powerhouse.

One thought on “Things To Be Happy About

  1. There are so many memories that prompt my happiness meter to jump for joy. Yesterday it was simply the summer storm clouds against our magnificent bright blue sky and statuesque red cliffs. I love my desert home below the red mountains. Always my meter is at its high when I think about my husband, and our large family. Another source of happiness comes from my sweet little dog … Her body language and wet kisses demonstrate her loyalty and love day in and day out. She is a treasure. And Happiness comes through my iPad because I stay informed and connected. I love that it’s light weight and I can carry it to church and have manuals, hymns, pictures, and scriptures all at my fingertips. It also entertains and keeps me in touch with family and friends far and near. There are so many prompts to focus on that make my heart swell with a grateful smile. The simple act of counting a few of them causes a power surge on my personal happiness meter.


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