Working Through Beliefs Together

I enjoyed this article written by a women coming to terms with her husband’s change in beliefs.

But I wanted to understand him. This was Sean, the man who stood by me during years of clinical depression. The man who pretended to be a dinosaur while he chased our shrieking sons around the room. He wasn’t some heathen. I couldn’t believe that. I wouldn’t believe it. He’d always been a skeptic, and even though I didn’t agree with him, I knew intellectually that he’d never make this decision without careful consideration of the fact

I’ve been lucky because my spouse has tried to understand my change in beliefs. It’s not a given so embrace your spouse who cares enough to make the effort. Support them, love them, and have patience. What doesn’t work? Expecting them to follow your path. If they do come along it will be at their pace and when they are ready.

My tears stopped. Her questions were so off-base that they seemed absurd. She was sincere, and trying to help, but she believed what the Church teaches — that a man would only leave because he’s disobeying the commandments. She couldn’t understand this was a rational inquiry. She saw everything as the result of sin.

It’s a lot easier to write off unbelievers as sinners than taking an honest look at what bothers them by actually asking them. I think a lot of people are scared that what they hear might resonate with them so it’s easier to keep them at bay. Truth will stand up to scrutiny.