How to Free Up Space on Your iPhone

If you own an iPhone you might have noticed that your Other category is taking up more storage than before. I haven’t been able to find a definitive answer, although it seems like the Other category grows as you upgrade from one model of iPhone to another.

My spouse and I own 16 GB iPhone 5s, and we’ve recently been looking to free up more space to store music. Normally, I’d remove apps to free up space, but I found an easy way to free up some space, depending on how much storage Other is taking up.

Here are the steps I followed:

1. Plug your iPhone into your Mac or PC.

2. Perform a Backup and select the Encrypt iPhone backup option so you don’t have to enter all your passwords after the restore.

3. Perform a Restore Backup. iTunes will ask for your encryption password. Make sure you select the most recent backup if you have more than one.

I had 1.67 GB of free space before the backup and restore.

After the restore, I had 3 GB. So I freed up just over 1.3 GB.

I find it odd that my apps also shrunk, but everything is working well.

I tried the same thing Kim’s iPhone 5, but I went to Settings/General/Reset on her iPhone and selected the Erase All Content and Settings option after I performed a backup, but before I performed a restore.

She had 3.37 GB of free space before I performed a restore.

After the restore, she had nearly 6 GB. I freed up 2.57 GB.

Other and Apps shrunk quite a bit on her iPhone as well and Other nearly disappeared.

So if your iPhone is getting low on storage, you might want to give a backup and restore a try.

**I first read about this method of saving space at It’s a Very Nice Web Site by John Moltz.

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