Chris Botti

Since I started using Slacker internet radio at work and home I’ve discovered a number of great musicians. One of my very favorite is Chris Botti. He’s been around a while but I’d never heard of him until a few months ago and I can’t stop listening to his music.


I can’t say I’ve listened to all his albums, but of those I’ve heard, my favorite is called A Thousand Kisses Deep“.  My two favorite songs on the album are Indian Summer and She Comes From Somewhere.

He creates great music to drive to. Sometimes I’ll put on his CD and take a drive up HWY 18 past Covington just to listen to his music.

Here’s Indian Summer on YouTube

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  1. Aixa Marie says:

    I met Chris Botti over the weekend in Birmingham after the concert, I must say he has such a gentle spirit….the love for his music and people… just jumps out of his heart…he is like a soft Ocean Breeze at Sunset….
    I was really surprise…..What a wonderful man…………………
    I wish him the best….he really touch my heart with his will stay with me forever…
    He is really special!… Smile for me Chris!

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