The Nest Screwdriver

My new Nest Learning Thermostat arrived yesterday.

So far, I love it. But I’m not going to talk about the thermostat right now. I want to use it for a few weeks before sharing my thoughts on it.

Instead I want to talk about a screwdriver.

Installing the Nest requires two screws. Instead of heading to the garage to search for my toolbox, Nest includes the tool I need.

Few companies sweat the details to this level.

The subtle indentation on the handle reminds me of those on the Apple TV remote. Some might say those tiny details don’t matter. I mean, it’s a screwdriver! But that misses the point. Anything that’s in the box should match the quality of the elegant Nest device.

The screwdriver is more than a tool. It tells a story. It says we went the extra mile. It surprises. It amuses.


Does your company have its own screwdriver?

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