How’s My Driving?

On my way into work this morning I pulled up behind a GE Service Van that had one of those How’s My Driving stickers slapped to the back. I’ve never understood why companies use these stickers. Do they magically make one a better driver when the threat of being reported is just a phone call away?

I followed the van a few blocks before pulling up to a left turn arrow near my credit union. I had my cell phone in hand and wondered if anyone would answer. I dialed the 1-888 number and was immediately forced to listen to a commercial for a fabric softener! I had no idea GE even made fabric softener. I eventually made it through. Here’s how my call when down:

GE Rep1: Can I get your name and phone number in case we get disconnected?

Me: Sure. (I give her my name and bogus number)

GE Rep1: What can I help you with today?

Me: I’d like to comment on the driving of someone in one of your service vans.

GE Rep1: Excuse me?

Me: I may not have the right extension. A sticker on the back of a GE service van invited me to call and comment on how it’s driving.

GE Rep1: Ohhh! Hold just a minute, sir.

(I wait about a minute before another lady comes on the line. It’s clear from the start that she’s not in the best mood)

GE Rep2: So you want to comment on a driver? I’ll need the van number and your location.

(The van starts to pull through the intersection and I’m having a difficult time driving, talking on the phone and trying to locate the van number. I notice the number 9290 in very small font running vertically up the left side of the back door)

Me: The only number I see is 9290. I’m in Redmond, Washington.

GE Rep2: OK. So what’s the problem?

Me: No problem at all. I figured I’d call and let someone know this driver is doing a very good job out here. He just took a left turn in front of me and it couldn’t have gone any smoother.

GE Rep2: So you haven’t noticed any problems?

Me: No, none. Do only people with problems call to comment?

GE Rep2: Mostly. But you have no problems to report?

Me: None. From what I’ve witnessed, his driving the last several blocks has been top notch.

GE Rep2: I’m happy to hear that. Do you have anything else to report.

Me: That’s all for today. Thank you.


  1. I’ve always wondered what would happen if I called one of those numbers! Funny!

  2. This is so you! Many a time I have had to hide my head after the things you have said at fast food drive-through windows. You keep it interesting!

  3. Yeah, I agree … this is so you! LOL

  4. Thanks for the chuckle. This is brilliant, and very nice of you.

  5. LOL! You continually crack me up, keep it up! :)

  6. Maryanne says:

    Brett, now you need to blog about fast food drive-throughs. Kim has me curious now as to what you do and say at those….I can only imagine!

  7. You are so similar to Chad. That is so something he would do! You guys are so funny!

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