Muxtape Brings the Mixed Tape to the Digital Age

A friend told me about this site called Muxtape that allows anyone to upload up to 12 of their favorite songs.

This reminds me of the times back in high school where I’d created a mixed tape from my friend’s album collections. We’d plan our album purchases in order to maximize the number of songs we could then share and record tapes from. When the CD came around, it wasn’t as easy to create a mix of songs until Mp3s arrived on the scene and the costs of burning disks came down.

Here’s my first Muxtape mix. This is a great way to uncover new music.

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One thought on “Muxtape Brings the Mixed Tape to the Digital Age

  1. Thank you for Little Martha. I forgot about that song. Along with Jessica and Melissa, my favorite Allman Bros songs.


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