The ultra dual monitor utility

I’ve been looking for the dual monitor utility that does exactly what I want it to do and this weekend I found it. It’s called Ultramon and I now consider it a must have utility for dual monitor users. It will be one of the first programs I install when I rebuild my computer every few weeks….oh wait…I’m not running Vista anymore. 🙂

I love how it allows me to configure each monitor independently. As you can see, I’m able to use a picture as wallpaper on each monitor. But the killer feature I’ve been looking for is how it manages open programs in the task bar. An open program will show up on that monitor’s task bar. You can even move program to the other monitor from the task bar.

screen_2007-09-16 21.43.56

In short, Ultramon does what I’ve been looking for. It has a ton of other nifty features. The only downside? It’s not freeware.

Here is an overview of its best features

Link to download 30 day trial version

Link to more in depth review from Digital Lifestyles

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One thought on “The ultra dual monitor utility

  1. I agree that Ultramon is a must have utility for mutli-monitor users. The only issue I have with Ultramon is it’s development cycle. I’m still running Windows Vista because it doesn’t have any show-stopping problems for what I do. With that said, Ultramon doesn’t fully support Vista still. It’s been in beta 1 for almost half a year without much headway and worse it still requires you to purchase it after 30 days.


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