Tweetr 2 freaks out

I used to recommend Tweetr to my friends who were getting started with Twitter. But ever since version 2 arrived, I’ve been telling them to look elsewhere. What started out as a good program has become less stable over time.

The screen below presents itself at least half a dozen times a day. I’ve experienced the same problem on my work computer. In order to get it working again, I press the OK button a few times and it goes back to normal. Sometimes the OK button positions itself in the far upper left corner where it can barely be reached.

What other Windows based Twitter apps should I consider? This is getting old.

screen_2007-09-16 20.11.06

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2 thoughts on “Tweetr 2 freaks out

  1. Hello,
    Yes this has been a problem. Its really silly on behalf of the Twitter API, sometimes when I dont get the response I expect they return “sorry that couldnt be done”. Other times they return a full HTML page and I have been displaying this text returned hence the really UGLY error message.

    If you did the message. Twitter said, Features and improvements on the way so it is slighly helpful but really annoying.

    This has been removed and I pushed the update live to any Tweetr user. If you have Tweetr installed next time you start it, it will self update to 2.1

    You are always welcome to add me and tell me what you would like and dont like : )

    Version 2.2 running on the next version of AIR is coming with some many requested features which is system tray support! Many people have requested this.

    Cheers, John Ballinger.


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