What is the best service to stream my music?

Say I have maybe 100 mp3s that I listen to at home in a playlist or two. What if I wanted to listen to those same songs at work without having to download them to my computer. Is there a service that will sync a list of songs or a couple of playlists so they are available to stream at work? Ideally, anytime I made a change to my playlist at home, it would also update my playlist elsewhere.

The only service I’ve tried so far is Locker from MP3Tunes and it works ok, but I wonder if there’s something else out there?

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One thought on “What is the best service to stream my music?

  1. orb.com was quite cool last time I used it, new version is out now. music, pics, tv tuners, web cams, it streams it all, from your pc to any browser, which means my phone w/ unlimited data mostly. 🙂


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