The Sunday Evening Test

Over the years and many jobs later I’ve come across a method to help determine if I should stay in my current job or start looking for something else.

After an enjoyable weekend as things start winding down on Sunday evening, I ask myself, “Am I excited to go into work tomorrow?”

If things aren’t going well, I’ll feel nervous, uneasy and sometimes even a bit sick to my stomach. A few weeks of this and I know I’d better start looking around.

But if I look forward to going back to work on Monday morning, that’s a good indication that the job is a good fit.

As I arrived at work this morning at 7:30 am, I sat at my desk, fired up Slacker radio and thought to myself, “I love working with the techs. This job rocks”.

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One thought on “The Sunday Evening Test

  1. I feel like that to on Sunday nights now. “Am I really excited for Monday morning and the people I will associate with?” A big resounding yes! I am retired and love spending the day with myself!


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