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Don’t burn bridges. I don’t understand why some people don’t understand this concept. If you’re on your way out of a company, don’t bad mouth your boss or your coworkers or the company. It makes you look like a schmuck, not the company.

How soon till Microsoft pulls the plug on the Zune? I give it 12 months at the most. It seems like the next Ultimate TV. Years ago when Tivo and Reply TV started making a splash, Microsoft decided that need a piece of the pie so they created Ultimate TV that wasn’t a bad product but it wasn’t better than Tivo. It was met with a lukewarm reaction. The Zune seems to be following the same path. It’s not a bad product but it’s no match for the iPod. It needed to be revolutionary. It isn’t.

I find myself using RSS readers less and less. There is a perspective I gain by visiting the writers website that isn’t as noticeable in Google Reader or Bloglines. The writer’s personality is on display. It reflects their style. RSS Readers take that away and makes the content feel septic.

Along those same lines, if you decided to pursue another position outside of your company, never ask your boss this question: “If it doesn’t work out, can I have my old job back?” This is like asking your girlfriend if you can date her best friend but come back to her if things don’t pan out.

It takes four days to stop sugar cravings. Ok, this isn’t scientific and it may only pertain to me. The first three days are no fun. If my body is used to having sugar, it wants more. But after four days, the sugar is gone and the craving is gone. Now it’s easy. Take all that Halloween candy into work for the young guys. Just get it out of your house and remove the temptation.

One of my best purchases in the last five years was a good quality shredder from Costco. I’m serious.

Two best times of the day: Going into each of the kid’s rooms and kissing their warms cheeks before I go to work. Arriving home and getting mauled by same kids.

How a company handles paychecks and expense reports is a good gauge of how it treats its employees. Is the process seamless with a quick turnaround? Or is it littered with senseless rules and turnaround takes weeks?

Whenever I install Windows I’m reminded that my job is safe for another ten years. The process hasn’t improved much since the Windows 95 days with endless floppy drive swap parties. Computers are still far too difficult to use and require way too much babysitting.

On the subject of Windows, how is it possible that Windows doesn’t include a simple backup program for moving important files to an extra drive?

The people you work alongside are oftentimes more important than your actual job. The sooner you figure that out, the happier you’ll be.

While driving in traffic, I always feel better when I slow down and let someone in rather than speeding up to cut them off. Many drivers seem downright shocked when I do so in my BMW.

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