Bono sings Wave of Sorrow

U2’s, the Joshua Tree, is one of my favorite albums of all time. Probably top three. From what I can gather, this song was written back in 1987 for the Joshua Tree  but wasn’t included because Bono felt like it wasn’t quite finished. But it will be included on the upcoming, remastered 20th Anniversary Edition of the Joshua Tree that will be released on November 20th. I don’t know if other unreleased tracks will be included.

I like the song quite a bit. But the best part of this video is watching Bono try to recall lyrics he wrote 20 years ago. He also provides backdrop and context for the song, sometimes during the song!

I’m not sure how many times I’ve bought the Joshua Tree but I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve bought it three or four times. I wore out two cassettes before moving to CD. The only album I’ve purchased more is probably Pink Floyd’s, Dark Side of the Moon, my favorite album of all-time.

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