My Last 7 Job Titles

  1. Technical Operations Manager
  2. Group Program Manager
  3. Marketing Manager
  4. Product Manager
  5. Support Engineer
  6. Store Manager
  7. Video Store Clerk

The only one that even remotely describes the actual job I did is Video Store Clerk. I had this job while I was attending college and it consisted of the following responsibilities:

  • *Suggest John Hughes movies
  • *Collect late fees

That’s it. My first day on the job, my boss made it clear that these were the two most important parts of the job. This is what would determine my success or failure. If I could do both well, I’d have a promising future in the video rental business! Wow! image

Some may ask why anyone would suggest a John Hughes movie when so many other movies were available. The thinking goes like this: People wandering around video stores late at night aren’t looking for a movie like Memento that requires a fair amount of attention. If a couple came in late it night it usually meant they were just looking for something easy to follow with a good soundtrack. So I become quite skilled at suggesting movies like Home Alone, Pretty in Pink, or even the Breakfast Club if they looked a little rugged. 

But I hated to collect late fees. New Releases were only one day rentals and at least 40% of them came in late. Our boss required that we collect at least half the late fee on new releases, but we could waive any fees on older movies, most of which were 5-day rentals.

The only late fees we were never allowed to discount were those on Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis systems. We had to collect the full amount and the fees were hefty! Sometimes the late fees on these exceeded the replacement cost of the system. Unlike the movies that people could shove through our night return (hole in the door) renters of these gaming consoles would sneak into the store during peak times, quietly place everything on the counter and make a MAD DASH for the door!

I never felt like it was a good idea to act like a hero and run after them. What’s the worst I could do if I actually caught one? Make them watch Point Break? There was no time for that foolishness. I had customers to help, John Hughes movies to suggest and teens to keep out of the adult area.

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  1. we were gonna buy a wii yesterday. got lucky, there was one left at toys r us. got unlucky, it sold while we waited in line to buy it. my fav hughes flick of all time has got to be sixteen candles. i liked sixteen candles molly way more that bfastClub molly. totally.


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