Latest BMW 3 Series vs. Infinity G35/37 Reviews

Car & Driver

1. BMW 328i vs Infinity G35 Sport

Conclusion: “The G35 scores points for comfort, capable moves, and thrust in surplus, but BMW still builds the best tools for driving”

Winner: BMW

2. BMW 328i vs. Infinity G35, Cadillac CTS, Mercedes Benz C300

Winner: BMW

Conclusion: “Once again, a 3 series rises to the top of a comparison test. It is simply the best executed, best conceived, and best sports sedan currently available for the price”

BMW 3 Series named to 2008 10 Best List for a record 16th straight year.


Road and Track

1. BMW 335i vs. Infinity G37

Winner: Tie

Conclusion: “It’s a simple choice, the 335i for the track, or the G37S for the Autobahn”


Automobile Magazine

1. BMW 335i vs. Infinity G37

Winner: BMW

Conclusion: “With its highly entertaining dynamic aptitudes, near-BMW speed, and hot appearance, the Infiniti G37S easily tops the value chart. Anyone seeking a passionate fling will be well served in this seat. Those more interested in a long-term relationship should dig several thousand dollars deeper into their wallets for the 335i”

BMW 3 Series and G35/37 named to 2008 Automobile All-Stars


Motor Trend

BMW 335i vs. Infinity G37

Conclusion: “More muscle and technology deliver BMW brilliance on a budget”

Winner: Infinity



BMW 335i vs. Infinity G35 Video Review

Conclusion: “In the end, the BMW 335i is a better drive….more intimate and more engaging driving experience. The real thing comes out on top”

Winner: BMW

6 thoughts on “Latest BMW 3 Series vs. Infinity G35/37 Reviews

  1. I love the 3-series. My sister has a smokin’ hot M3 Convertible. I am planning getting a new 135i, which is the spiritual successor to the 2002, which I have owned also.

    The Infiniti is nice, but it doesn’t compare to the build quality of a BMW. I drove a 530i this weekend and it was like driving a bank vault – super solid.


  2. I would always go for M3 without reading this for 2 reasons. First, as European great car manufacturers, BMW has always been known by the world for its non-questionable commitment for quality. Second, BMW and M3, especially, is something that going well into most people’s budget. You are getting the most from your investment with BMW.


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