The Fry’s Return adventure

I bought a VGA converted at Fry’s last night. When I got home I opened it up to find a few problems:

  1. Inner box was torn
  2. None of the items (cables, converter, manuals) were in bags
  3. The converter box itself had scratches on the top and bottom
  4. The remote control was missing
  5. Batteries were missing

It was clear that Fry’s had sold me a used product. So I drove back to Fry’s and parked about a half mile away. I entered the store and stood in the return line until a man dressed like a Mormon missionary asked me to follow him back to his station.

At this point the following conversation took place:

Fry’s Missionary: So you want to return this?

Me: Yes, I do.

Fry’s Missionary: Is something wrong with it?

Me: Yes, several things. I bought a used converter unit. The inner box is damaged, the converted is scratched, and the remote and batteries are missing.

Fry’s Missionary: OK. But other than what you mentioned, it’s working properly?

Me: *SIGH*

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One thought on “The Fry’s Return adventure

  1. I cannot stand going to Fry’s. Their customer service has to be the worst of all electronic stores that I’ve been to. I ordered a dishwasher from there and paid for the installation to be taken care of. The install guy arrived with the dishwasher and told me he didn’t know how to install this dishwasher. I was upset to say the least. I got my money back and tried to install it myself. I ended up paying a maytag guy $150 to install the dang thing!!! No more “Fries” for me thank you very much!


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