The Worst Link Costumes of All time

Update: I wrote this post as a joke. I am not a Zelda fanatic although I’ve spent many hours playing the various Zelda games. If you can’t see the humor then please move on. All degrading comments will be deleted. Check out the comments section for some responses from people who take their Zelda very seriously which is cool. All comments are moderated so if your post is full of venom it just goes in the trash. Please keep in mind the title of my post….”The Worst Link Costumes of All Time”. You do understand that Zelda is a fictional character, right? I appreciate the few who took the time to explain cosplay to me. I’m not making fun of that in any manner. Read a few other posts I’ve written before calling me an idiot. I certainly didn’t set out to offend anyone.

My 4-year old son loves to play the Zelda games from Nintendo. He has a hard remembering to tie his shoes but ask him about any area or weapon or secret treasure chest stash in a Zelda game and he’s all over it. So for this past Halloween, Kim and I thought it would be fun to find a Zelda costume for him to wear. We both searched online and what I mostly found were bad costumes that made me laugh.

Here are the worst Link costumes I found:

Toothpick Link – Forget taking on Ganondorf and his armies of baddies, Link would have trouble cutting down limp grass with such a lame sword. Did this guy blow his entire wad of cash on those fancy tights leaving only enough money in the budget to pickup a sword at All a Dollar?


Wicked Stepsister Link – No need for a sword or even a slingshot because this Link will scare away even the fiercest of enemies. Is that a name badge hanging off her tunic that’s covering a mosquito net?  Whatever the case she’s just about to sling a Deku nut your way. Heads up!


Lackluster Link – I just get the felling this Link isn’t very committed to the adventure on which he’s about to embark. Maybe it’s the look on his face or the price tag dangling off the tunic, but this Link needs a pep talk by Navi or maybe even the Deku Tree if he’s to have any success bringing home the Triforce. For a second there I thought his arm was just very tan.


Tin Foil Link – The Hyrulian Shield is one of the best defensive weapons in the game. Sadly, this guy decided to forego the genuine article for a cheap homemade replica that couldn’t block a single Deku nut. Even Mario looks displeased. I can picture this poor Link’s mom balking at the price of a real Hyrulian shield and telling her son, “Don’t worry, I’ve got all the supplies to build you an even better model!” There’s an area in Ocarina of Time where Link must deflect three Deku nuts in the right order. Sadly, they would break right through this guy’s shield.


Eddie Bauer Link – This guys is the polar opposite of Tin Foil Link. His mom probably felt the authentic costume wasn’t rare enough so she mixed a bunch of Eddie Bauer clothing together to create this monstrosity. For starters, it appears his tunic began life as a long sleeve sweater until its arms were ripped off to create the cap. Link should be wearing a white shirt underneath his tunic, not brown. And what on earth sprouted from that sword? I’m pretty sure I own that very same belt I found at Banana Republic in 1994.


Aqua Link – Two problems here: first isn’t this Link a little old to be taking the game so seriously? Just look at that pose. And second, isn’t green the preferred color when putting together a Link costume? I don’t remember Link sporting anything of the blue variety, do you? Also, it looks like he’s wearing 3 or more belts around his body.


I Love the 80’s Link – The only thing more disturbing than this Link’s leggings, is the bikini-clad Princess Zelda. I’ve played most of the Zelda games and I don’t recall coming upon a Zelda with big boobs and hair that reached the floor. If the leggings weren’t a dead giveaway this was the 80’s version then the Vans he’s sporting should do the trick.


Elfin Link – This guy’s shield and sword are first rate! But those ears have gotta go along with the cheat sheet he’s carrying. Maybe it’s an IGN walk-through? That shield is just killer though.


Androgynous Link – This Link appears to be coming under attack from some trench coat villain in Reeboks. That wig is of such high quality that I can’t tell if I’m looking at a male or female here. Either way, that plastic bag just isn’t going to cut it as a bomb bag for the adventurous Link.


The Vogue Link – How much time do you think his dude put into his Link costume? Check out that shield with leather handles. Or that leather breast plate sewn together with small leather patches. I wouldn’t be surprised if this costume was his eagle project. The one major problem with this ensemble is the scarf which looks foolishly out of place. Was it cold out and his mom made him roll with that thing before heading out to trick or treat?


Pretty Princess Zelda – I saved this one for last because this Link and Zelda combo is just scary. Would you invite this lovely couple over to your house to party? I don’t think so.


28 thoughts on “The Worst Link Costumes of All time

  1. the “bikini clad zelda” in one of the shots.. that isn’t zelda. It’s rikku from Final fantasy X.
    the leggings are horrible, however.


  2. There are a few things that need remark.
    First of all, most of these costumes are hideously bad. The last one is just terrible.
    Second, in Toothpick Link I believe that is the Windwaker he is holding, not an attempt at a sword.
    Third, in Aqua Link, those belts are an attempt at a baldric, I believe, like on such that Link wore in Twilight Princess.
    And finally in Elfin Link, The costume he is trying to imitate is from Twilight princess, where link did have rather large ears.
    All the other things are just sad, though. If you’re going to dress up, do it well.


  3. Also, I wanted to let you know that Elfin Link is sponsored by Nintendo and very famous. She goes by the handle PikminLink (you can go to her website and has personally met and talked with the creator of Zelda/Mario/And many other great Nintendo Titles. She has even escorted Koji Kondo, the guy who create’s Zelda’s music on stage for an award. She also models Link at Nintendo Booths at industry events such as E3.


  4. Its the Wind Waker, not a sword

    Zora Link is blue

    Bikini Zelda is Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2

    Elfin Link’s ears are rather accurate to Twilight Princess


  5. Not to offend you or anything, but maybe you should check your facts before posting things like this. :/ Two of these costume are actually QUITE accurate, and you have a mislabeled character (bikini Zelda is actually Rikku from FFX-2).


  6. Oh, you’re right. They’re all horrible, especially that Zelda cosplaying as thief Rikku. And all those other Links who look like they dressed up for fun…. What were they thinking?! Cosplay isn’t for fun!


  7. never heard of conventions or cosplaying have you? dude why did you even make this blog.. yes link does actually wear blue at one point, thats a rikku not zelda. elfin link as you call HER is quite a good link and has done many of his costumes, which by the way there are MANY. This is why everyone one of these links do not have the same costume. Leave the game to your son and tell him his father fails.


  8. first of all, a lot of these costumes are terrible, i will give you that, but you have a lot of your info wrong here. ‘toothpick link’ isnt holding a sword, its the baton from windwaker thats used for music. Links garb is also a lot simpler in that game, so that persons costume is fairly decent. The ‘i love the 80’s link’ is terrifying, but thats not zelda with him, its riku from final fantasy. the ‘elfin link’ costume is probably the best i’ve seen and the ears are correct because he has rather large ears in Twilight Princess, which is the version of link they’re cosplaying. you say your son plays zelda, but it seems you know nothing about it yourself.


  9. Aside from you being insanely un-informed about Zelda, you’re just overall a pretty mean person.
    These people did these things for fun, not so you could post some blog about how tacky you think they are.
    Hope this comes around to bite you where it counts.


  10. While some of these costumes are indeed bad, even if you really are just joking, which I doubt, your jokes are pretty dumb.

    Cosplay is serious business.


  11. You say “The Worst Link Costumes of All Time” and yet you put THE BEST Link Costume Of All Time in there (Elfin Link). Sure you might’ve been joking, but it seems you should’ve done some research on the people you posted before you, well, posted them. I think that is why you have upset a pretty large community with this post.


  12. Sorry bud, but you just attacked Pikminlink. That Elfin Link happens to have quite a few rabid fangirls. Just warnin’ ya’, but you’re in for it. Haha.


  13. I refuse to believe you have ever played the games when you can’t even recognize the windwaker, or the fact that Link? Not only does he come in blue, but he also has pointy ears.


  14. Hurr, I had no idea what a cosplayer was till tonight. I wrote this post 6 months ago. I was looking for Link costumes when many of these made me laugh.


  15. Okay, I’ll rephrase myself.

    “I certainly didn’t set out to offend anyone”

    Except for some Link cosptumers.

    Is that better?


  16. Little did you know that you would upset every single one of PikminLink’s Whiteknights. Nice work, Brett. Perhaps you’ll think twice next time you want to make a post like this public, huh.

    P.S., don’t know if you noticed, but I don’t think anyone got your joke. =)


  17. You know, the only reason you’re getting so many comments is because you put Elfin Link in your “worst Link costumes” list. Her costume is really good (the sheet she’s holding is probably some award she won) she’s even loved at 4chan (which says a lot because at 4chan ppl usually get trashed)

    Also, Bikini-Zelda is Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2 😛


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