Twitter Karma is released

Today on Twitter I saw someone mention Twitter Karma and decided to give it a try. It’s the most useful Twitter tool I’ve tried. In short, it matches up those people you follow with those that follow you so you can see the overlap. You can easily see who follows you that you don’t follow in return and vice versa.

Twitter Karma is even more useful for those who follow a large number of people or who have a large number of followers. Once I fed it my username and password, it took about three minutes to process my followers. Here is what you’re presented with once it does its thing:

screen_2008-01-04 23.36.07 

To the right of each icon is a red and/or green arrow that makes it easy to see those you follow and those you follow you.

Although it takes a few minutes to process, it’s a tool I’ll be using at least once a week or so.

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