Spending less time in a Microsoft World

I saw the picture below at Calacanis.com, minus the text. I added the first thought (text) that came to mind.

The photo was taken by Thomas P. Peschak. Check out his site for some fantastic photography.


It become clear to me this past year that the time I use Microsoft products has peaked. I no longer feel the need to upgrade to the latest operating system. I use Office far less today than I did in years past. I’m currently running Windows XP until I can afford to move to Mac, although XP allows me to use many non-Microsoft products such as Firefox, Miro, FileZilla, Photoshop, and a number of small utilities that I probably won’t need once I move away away from Windows.

Window is a now a commodity. With high speed internet and new web technologies, the days of “install, patch, patch, patch…” are over. Microsoft reminds me of AOL in the mid 90’s when many first-time interest users thought AOL was the internet. Once AOL customers realized what was available beyond the wall they wanted to participate and left AOL by the millions.

That’s what happening to Microsoft only the walled garden had been created with bloated, expensive software with hundreds of features most people don’t need. As people realize how easy, inexpensive and accessible web applications are, they won’t want to go back Microsoft and their way of doing things. I’ve had the current legal version of XP installed on my computer for over 2 years and a day doesn’t go by when Microsoft tells me I need to install something called “Windows Genuine Advantage”. With a name like that, one can be sure, the “advantage” won’t lie with the user. I entered a valid key when I installed XP and Microsoft confirmed that. Why would Microsoft want to continue checking my system? They don’t trust me and they treat me like a child with all their pestering. I’m tired of it.

I’m spending a lot more time in WordPress than Word. I use iTunes and my iPod instead of Windows Media Player and a Zune. I use Google, Google Maps and Google Earth instead of Microsoft offerings. The list goes on and the fact remains: Microsoft products are becoming less relevant in my life. I’m sure there are many long term Windows users like myself in the same boat.

And if I worked for Microsoft, I’d be worried about that.

2 thoughts on “Spending less time in a Microsoft World

  1. nice, nordquist. makes sense, does it not, to use the cheaper, lighter, and more functionCentric webApp instead of what M$ offers. besides the shot across the linux bow and the little investment in FB, what the hell are they doing to keep their customers happy? happy users are users that stay with your service/software/OS.


  2. expensive software with hundreds of features most people don’t need

    That sounds a bit like Leopard to me. Wasn’t the advertising ‘over 300 new features’?


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