Making exercise a habit in 2008

Why is it so difficult to exercise? I have no problem playing basketball a night or two a week, but I find it really tough to jog on my treadmill that’s less than 50 feet from my computer.

When I’ve paid for a gym membership I’ve been more motivated to work out. Maybe it’s knowing that I’m paying for something and I feel like I just get my money’s worth.

I’ve radically changed my diet over the past 18 months to the point where my body feels much better than it did before. I no longer stuff my stomach full of starchy and sugary foods. Kim steams a lot more vegetables and we are eating a lot more varieties of fish than we ever have.

I’ve noticed that our kids learn to like or dislike the same foods we do. When we eat healthy, they tend to do the same.

It’s a new year and I’m going to get in the habit on jogging on my treadmill at least three times a week, or on those days I don’t play basketball. I’m going to keep track of my workouts in Google Docs. I need to get the point where it feels weird when I don’t exercise. The opposite of that is true today and I will change that.

Although my treadmill provides a good workout, it’s not the most stimulating. I’d like to find a trail here in Auburn, WA where I can walk or job occasionally. I will start looking around, but until then, it’s off to the treadmill!

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3 thoughts on “Making exercise a habit in 2008

  1. I’ve found that after working out regularly for a couple weeks, there arises another compelling reason to keep at it: the marked increase of my overall energy level.

    We all have days when we’re up-beat, cheerful, and energetic, racing around getting things done. Without exercise these days are somewhat random and fleeting. WITH a regular work-out regiment, they become the norm.

    I thought I’d just be sore and tired after a couple weeks of weights, core and cardio. Sore, yes. Tired, far from it.

    Good luck! 8)


  2. Hello neighbor,
    I know of a trail system here on Lea Hill, my husband and I walk the trail frequently with our dogs, like many other folks do. There are also a few people who like to jog the trails and lots of different families that just walk the trails.

    The land next to Green River Community College Lea Hill campus is owned by the Department of Natural Resources and it’s used for instruction purposes by the Natural Resources program at the college. Here’s a link to their website, just click on “resources” and you’ll find a link to a simple map of the trails….happy trail walking!


  3. Linda, Thank you for the link to the trail. That is very close to my house. I’m going to check it out.


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