The Mother of all torrent sites

If your torrent search habits have you switching back and forth amongst the myriad of torrent search sites you may want to try YouTorrent which bills itself as “the worlds first real-time torrent comparison search engine”.

It’s very quick and the search results are neatly organized. Here’s what a search for Van Halen looks like. The day of keeping track of multiple torrent search engines may be over. Could this be the Google of torrent search? 🙂

Grab yourself a copy of uTorrent and give it a whirl.

screen_2008-01-09 01.38.12

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4 thoughts on “The Mother of all torrent sites

  1. Good idea to hav a single proxy for all these sites.
    But I a not big fun of using Ajax when searching.
    It doesn’t give you much, except javascript errors and hanging experience.
    Having a cluster of servers wich will process the request and push it to the users will do much better.


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