Tripp-Lite UPS

I finally got around to purchasing a UPS for my home computer. I ended up buying the SmartPro Digital UPS from Tripp-Lite at Costco for $100. It includes 4 outlets for UPS and 4 more on surge protection. I’ve got my computer, DSL model, speakers and NAS on the UPS portion. View the complete specs here.


I’d like to add another for Kim and the kids computers as well as to my home theater and Tivo. So far it’s worked great although the real test will come the next time we experience a power outage.

This model also included a USB cable drives a console called “Power Alert” which gives me information on the a number of other setting include Input, Output and Battery Life. I like the LCD screen that shows my current input voltage.

I found it strange that the PowerAlert software didn’t come in the box. I searched around the Tripp-Life website and eventually found it available for download at this link.

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One thought on “Tripp-Lite UPS

  1. I purchased one of these awhile back and use it on my main system. It works really well though recently it has started making weird loud noises when it switches over to the battery, kinda like a hum. Anyway good product for the cost!


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