Nintendo Wii continues to kick Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 around

According to NPD Group here are the top selling gaming system of 2007:

  1. Nintendo DS – 8.5 million
  2. Nintendo Wii – 6.3 million
  3. Xbox 360 – 4.6 million
  4. Sony PS3 – 2.6 million

Imagine what the numbers would have been had the Nintendo Wii been widely super-mario-64-ds-allavailable. They are still very difficult to find even a year after launch. I wonder how many people went looking for a Wii, couldn’t find one, and decided to buy a 360 or PS3 instead? 

Nintendo has proven once again that quality game play is king. Xbox 360 had the top selling game in Halo 3, but what must-have game was available on the PS3 that wasn’t available on other platforms?

Nice job, Nintendo. Now when can we expect the next Zelda game?

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