How to improve iTunes sound quality

Ever since I purchased an iPod and started using iTunes, I’ve been very disappointed with iTunes sound quality. I don’t know if iTunes just flat out sounds bad or that I’ve become accustomed to the great sounding Quintessential Player with iZotope DSP plugin. Of all the audio players an DSP plugins I’ve tried, this combination sounds head and tails above anything else I’ve tried.

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I’m surprised how few audio enhancement plugins have been created for iTunes which seems to be the dominant MP3 playback software given the ubiquity of the iPod. Having said that, there are times when I’ll use iTunes in spite of its crappy audio quality. But I’ve found a $20 product called Volume Logic that makes iTunes sound pretty good. The only drawback I’ve come across is that it’s basically a dead product, meaning it works today on iTunes 7.6 but it’s creator, Plantronics, is no longer releasing updates for it. 

But if you spend a fair amount of time in iTunes and care about sound quality, I still feel it’s worth the $20 to register Volume Logic. You can download it here and try it free for 30 days.

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