Travel Perks to complain about

Here are the few of the perks the company I work for provides:

  1. Paid for travel time including time getting to and from the airport
  2. Paid mileage and parking, or paid taxi to airport
  3. $35-75 day for food
  4. Stay at some of the world’s best hotels, many in the $300-$500/night range
  5. Never have to share a hotel room with a coworker
  6. Very rarely travel and work on the same day
  7. Paid 8 hours minimum while on business travel whether one actually works or not
  8. Paid travel pushing overtime pay when travel takes place during the work day
  9. $80-$100/month for cell phone
  10. Air ravel on world’s top airlines

The list goes on but those are the main travel perks. Yet you would not believe all the moaning and complaining I still hear most of which comes from people who are in their first job out of tech school or college. They complain about the long hours, the crappy food, flight delays and the jet lag.

I can’t wait till these same coworkers take a job elsewhere and go on their first business trip only to find out they must take a crowded shuttle to the airport, share a room at the Holiday Inn and receive $25/day for food.  They seriously have no clue how dang spoiled they really are right now.

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