TWIT crew still bashing Vista

I listened to This Week in Tech on the way into work today and Leo and the gang were still trashing Windows Vista. Leo called it “this generation’s ME” in reference to the ill-fated Windows ME release just over eight years ago. When Vista first came out, I believe liked it quite a bit. Patrick Norton and taken shots at Vista for months though. But now it seems like the entire TWIT crew hates Vista.

Tonight I came across Todd Bishop’s Microsoft Blog which displays the sales pitch one computer shop is using to pull in business.

Several friends have mentioned that installing Vista SP1 has fixed a few problems, but I’m happy with my XP Pro install. I can’t think of a single reason to move to Vista while I can think of many reasons not to including speed and stability. Since when is a slower machine an “upgrade”?

When was the last time a major software release was met with so much disdain? Are you running Vista or have you decided to stick with XP? Or did you bail on Windows and move to the Mac or Linux?

2 thoughts on “TWIT crew still bashing Vista

  1. Actually I remember XP getting dissed pretty bad when it first came out. It wasn’t until at least the first SP before it settled down and people were happy.

    As one who upgraded to XP from Vista I don’t think the same story will hold true for Vista this time around though. Don’t know for sure .. more of a gut feeling .. but that could just be gas πŸ™‚


  2. I use Vista with SP1 and I’m happy with the results. I use a lot of network resources both at work and home and it seems that SP1 works much better than prior to SP1. One way to look at it is Vista will only get better the more updates it receives. Give it time. Brett, I bet you’ll install it by SP2. πŸ™‚


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